"I don't even know where to begin with Krieger. 

His talent is out of this world."

-- Mike & Kenna, 2018

David Krieger is a professional DJ and MC based in Los Angeles. Although he started his career over a decade ago as a radio DJ and MTV VJ, Krieger’s specific philosophy on DJing your event extends beyond his musical expertise and enthusiasm. 

Krieger believes the best events happen seamlessly, with one chapter of the evening effortlessly flowing into the next. Whether he’s mixing music, on the mic, or working behind the scenes, Krieger’s commitment to excellence is seen in every aspect of his work, and he is constantly chasing perfection. 

For the quality-conscious clients and music aficionados, find out why Krieger is right for you. 

"The Best DJ in Los Angeles: 2018, 2019"

California Wedding Day Magazine

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